The mental game of bowling is an intricate and vital aspect of achieving success on the lanes. Beyond the technical finesse and physical prowess, bowlers must navigate the psychological challenges that come with the sport. Mental fortitude plays a pivotal role in maintaining focus, managing nerves, and making decisions under pressure. The ability to visualize each shot, maintain a positive attitude, and bounce back from setbacks is what sets exceptional bowlers apart. Confidence, concentration, and consistency are key components of the mental game, as bowlers must tune out distractions and remain in the present moment to execute their shots with precision. Developing a strong mental game requires practice, self-awareness, and the cultivation of strategies to stay calm and composed in the face of competition. Ultimately, a finely tuned mental game empowers bowlers to not only master the physical complexities of the sport but also to conquer the mental challenges that can make the difference between victory and defeat. The Bowlers Mind works to shed a light on the often under discussed aspects of the mental game.

Verity Crawley Professional PWBA Bowler

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Daria Zavjalova

In this episode I chat with Diana Zavjalova about her recent championship at the Waterloo Open, mental health and more.

“Striking Conversations”

The Bowlers Mind rolls into the world of podcasting, offering enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals alike a dynamic platform to dive deep into the multifaceted world of bowling. Hosted by Timm Young, this podcast goes beyond the pins and strikes, delving into the diverse aspects of the sport that captivate its followers. From insightful interviews with legendary bowlers, coaches, and equipment experts, to discussions the latest trends, techniques, and innovations in the bowling world, “Striking Conversations” provides a comprehensive view of the game’s evolution. Whether you’re seeking pro tips to up your game, exploring the history and culture of bowling, or simply looking for an engaging conversation about a shared passion, this podcast offers a space where the vibrant stories of the lanes can come to life. So, tune in and let The Bowlers Mind be your alleyway to all things bowling, where each episode is a strike of insight, camaraderie, and bowling love.

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Episode 001

September 1, 2023
Featuring Verity Crawley
Verity Crawley stands as a formidable figure in the realm of professional bowling, known for her exceptional skill and dynamic presence on the lanes. With a passion that ignited at a young age, she has developed into a true maestro of the sport, showcasing an uncanny ability to read lane conditions and execute precise shots with finesse. Her graceful approach and adept control over the ball have earned her a reputation as a consistent performer on both domestic and international stages. Beyond her technical prowess, Verity’s dedication to her craft and her sportsmanship have also endeared her to fans and fellow competitors alike. As an ambassador for the sport, she brings a refreshing blend of determination, humility, and grace, inspiring the next generation of bowlers to aim for excellence on and off the lanes.

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